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Saturday, 29 May 2004


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» Oil, Terror and market signals from Descriptive Epistemology
John Robb is looking at oil prices in terms of a terrorist tax; essentially, that the price jumps in oil make a nice proxy for analysing the effectiveness of terrorist activities. There's something to this, and insofar as that's true,... [Read More]

» How is the price of oil linked to terrorist attacks ? from Fuel Crisis Blog
How exactly is the price of oil linked to actual terrorist attacks ? John Robb argues in his Global Guerrillas blog that terrorist attacks in the Middle East are causing an: "~$8 per barrel terror premium on oil in place... [Read More]

» The attacks on Sadi Arabia and what they mean from derelict spaces
I am slacking off work and have decided to check out some of the information floating around about oil – specifically, the effects (or non-effects) of attacks on Saudi oil infrastructure, the various down-gradings of oil reserves, peak oil stuff,... [Read More]

» A Window of Opportunity for Global Guerrillas from John Robb's Weblog
Oil hits high of $42.50 a barrel. [Read More]

» 69 boyz from Markus Carlsson

» On Measuring Current Conflicts... from Project:Lucidity
John Robb from Global Guerrillas discusses the new UN Human Security Report: This UN Human Security Report confirms the decline in conventional warfare (PDF) over the last century. Conventional wars are increasingly rare and markedly less bloody (due to t [Read More]


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On Brave New War

  • Purchase Brave New War
  • New York Times Op-Ed
    ...a fast, thought-sparking book.. -- David Brooks
  • Greenpeace
    I read it twice and bought six copies for my friends -- John Passacantando (Exec. Dir. Greenpeace)
  • G. Gordon Liddy Show (radio)
    ...this is a seminal book in the truest sense of the term.. way ahead of the curve... go out and buy it right now -- G. Gordon Liddy
  • City Journal
    Robb has written an important book that every policymaker should read -- Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit)
  • Small Wars Journal
    Without reservation Brave New War is for professional students of irregular warfare and for any citizen who wants to understand emerging trends and the dark potential of 4GW -- Frank Hoffman
  • Scripps Howard News Service
    A brilliant new book published by terrorism expert John Robb, titled "Brave New War," hit stores last month with virtually no fanfare. It deserves both significant attention and vigorous debate... - Thomas P.M. Barnett
  • Chet Richards DNI
    John has produced an important book that should help jar the United States and other legacy states out of their Cold War mindset. You can read it in a couple of hours – so you should read it twice...
  • Washington Times / UPI
    Robb correctly finds the antidote to 4GW not in Soviet-style state structures such as the Department of Homeland Security, but in decentralization -- William Lind (the father of 4th generation warfare).
  • Robert Paterson
    Having painted a crystal clear picture of how a war of networks is playing out, he comes to an astonishing conclusion that I hope he fills out in his next book.
  • The Daily Dish
    John Robb of Global Guerrillas has written the most important book of the year, Brave New War. - Daily Dish (The Atlantic)
  • Simulated Laughter
    Well-written. Brave New War reads more like an action novel than a ponderous policy book. - Adam Elkus
  • FutureJacked
    Go buy a copy of this book. Now. If you are low on cash, skip a few lunches and save up the cash. It is worth it. - Michael Flagg
  • ZenPundit
    The second audience is composed of everyone else. Brave New War is simply going to blow them away. - Mark Safranski
  • Haft of the Spear
    There aren’t a lot of books that make me recall a 12-year-old self aching for the next issue of The Invincible Iron Man to hit the shelves. Well done. - Michael Tanji
  • Ed Cone
    His book posits an Army of Davids -- with the traditional nation state in the role of Goliath. - Ed Cone (Ziff Davis)
  • The Newshoggers
    I highly recommend reading and re-reading this work. - Fester
  • Shloky.com
    This is the first real text on next generation warfare designed for the general population and it sets the bar high for following acts. It is smart, it is a short read, and it will change your thinking. - Shlok Vaidya
  • Politics in the Zeros
    I suggest this is something Lefties need to start thinking about now, as that decentralized world is coming. - Bob Morris
  • Hidden Unities
    A thoughtful book that should be read more widely than the latest Tom Friedman whopper, Chalmers Johnson scare tale or Bill Kristol hack fest. - EB