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June 13, 2005


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» GROUP OPML NETS from podbat blog
INSTANT OUTLINING : Crash Course There's a couple of really good posts out there today about what's good about Instant Outlining . [Read More]

» Instant Outlining! from SeanBohan.com
The thing I am really looking forward to at Gnomedex is the density of demos at the event. Dave Winer’s debut of Instant Outline. Adam Curry is bringing something new. Dean Hachamovitch is keynoting and presenting on Longhorn. Check out John R... [Read More]

» Instant Outlining described from StratBlog
John Robb describes Instant Outlining: bq. It connects IM, weblog publishing (a weblog is essentially a published outline), RSS (if RSS items are brought into the outline), and outlining in a new way that radically improves team productivity. ... *t... [Read More]


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