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September 02, 2005


Federalist X

John: Mitya K just wrote you up over at our blog Amend IX. He and I both think you're doing a great job providing coverage. Keep it up, we appreciate it.


FEMA Operations Suspended -

"FEMA officials said SOME operations had to be suspended in areas where gunfire has broken out, but are working OVERTIME to feed people and restore order."



Yes, but the survivors have now been reduced to eating corpses.

I have my black sense of humor chained up in a steamer trunk, but it's kicking out the sides...


Uhhh... are we sure those are MREs the FEMA doctors are handing out?


The people saying that people can live for a month without food and that people wouldn't be eating corpses after only three days don't know what they're talking about.

You can't expect a corpse to last for a month in thehot Louisana weather, with no refrigeration. If they are going to eat the corpses, they have to eat them now before they get too rotten. To demand that people
must wait a month before eating any corpses is totally wrong-headed. There's no point eating corpses at all if you're going to wait a month!

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