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February 18, 2006


Dimitar Vesselinovd

John, I don't agree with you. I'm involved with a startup, called Blogtronix. Our aim is to support the agile enterprise. How? We'll combine blogs, wiki, social networking, video and audio integration...


John Robb

Good luck.

John Robb

It may be just me. I need a vacation...

phil jones

Isn't "Global Guerrillas" an idea which was formed in the context of thinking about, and spread almost entirely by blog? As I see it, web 2.0 is really just the tip that you and Winer etc. were on years ago, going mainstream.

More importantly, isn't there more serious thinking that could be done as to how to build new kinds of networks to cope with systems disruption? And don't Web 2.0 ideas have some role in that? Eg. quick and easy to build redundancy, early warning and monitoring mechanisms.?

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