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February 27, 2006


a z

First time director + Hollywood penchant for stylized film makes me wary. Would Moore's Miracleman series be anything more than a Superman farce were it to be filmed? Remember Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen film farce?

If only the posts allowed links. :(

John Robb

It has the Wachowskis behind it. It sounds, based on the early reviews on aint it cool news, that he hit it out of the park.

a z

This guy was the 1st AD on the last 2 Matrix movies. Wachowskis have only made one good film IMO and that was Matrix.

Here's hoping for a good movie. I just doubt you can have a character spewing iambic pentameter and so many red herrings, references to V/5 in an American movie where the trailer only shows explosions and violence.

Jason Lefkowitz

I'd take those reviews at AICN with a grain of salt... Harry Knowles has given rave reviews to some notorious turkeys in the past.

(that's assuming that he's the one who wrote the review, of course)

John Robb

He did one review, but across the board from people that saw it in Berlin and other places, the reviews were stellar.

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