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August 12, 2006



A group of students from all over the world just finished their summer's work on the Vehicle Design Summit (http://www.vehicledesignsummit.org). It was a student initiated and managed project. They built four alternative fuel vehicles: electric, hydrogen fuel cell, biodiesel, and solar assisted human power.

The students involved came from 15 different countries and were already building competition human power and solar vehicles at their respective schools.

The cherry on top is that the whole process is open source and the documentation should be forthcoming.


What I really like about the MIT porject is that it uses a bunch of different fields to try to solve a enormous problem. People forget that the original Manhattan Project was about more than physics. It was about engineering the proper explosives to start the reaction, some of the finest machinery of parts in human history, plus mining and refining of ores.
This project looks at architecture and a myriad of sciences to tackle a number of the energy problems of the future. People are always talking about oil and gasoline, but they forget that not only does natuarl gas supply much of the electricity in the US, but we will need more electricity in the coming years if efficiency isn't a high priority.

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