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August 03, 2006


Chris Ruppel

I think it is too soon to tell if this is 'very smart'. Joel Makower and others have praised the car, but the ability to make it economically viable (not current price of $100,000+) has yet to be proven.

John Robb

I want one!


Placed my "bet" on longbets.org
hydrocarbons for the next 50yrs

Tlesa is cute, but show me the production product
BTW- I'm a motorhead/gearhead
Would be very interested in alt motive power, but my bets (very real $$$) on hydrocarbons for a long long long time.

Plug-n-play cool for short hops, but not sure about "real world"
My "commute" is 200 miles, not interested in anything short of 300 mi range (leftover for timing)

Da Curmodgen

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