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September 24, 2006


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» Video on 1970s-era Technology Initiatives from tdaxp
I'm unusually sympathetic to a John Robb post as I have a bad cold, as well. So today's update isn't politics or gossip -- are just two 1970s information reels (one fake, one real). The DHARMA Initiative (from Purpleslog via TV Squad) D.H.A.R.... [Read More]


Michael Tanji

Sounds like you need some "resilience" (giggle). Get well.

Owen Densmore

I used to have this same problem: cold and/or flu 4 times a year.

I found a fix: use a nasal cleanser at night! No this is neither madness nor spam. Look at Sinucleanse, I think its called. Or Neti Pots.

Anyway, makes colds and flues much shorter and avoids most of them.

Weird but true!


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