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Hi, I’m John Robb.

I spent last year working for the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff on his vision for how AGI and robotics would transform how the Joint Force fights in 2035.

Here are some details on my background:

USAF Academy: Honors Program. BS in Astronautical Engineering. Glider training. Freefall parachute training. SERE school.
USAF pilot. Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) license.

Tier one special ops. Deployed globally.

Yale: Masters in Public and Private Management.

Became world’s most popular Internet Analyst (’95/’96) while working at Forrester Research. First portal report (‘96). First social networking report (‘96). 100’s of quotes in media (WSJ, NYTimes, Fortune, Economist, Fox, CNBC, etc.).

Co-founder and President of Gomez (online brokerage/banking). Generated over $40m/year in revenue w/in three years. Built a global performance testing network (52 cities on six continents across 23 internet backbones), a data center, and a consumer finance site (it won a Webby award). Sold company for $295 m in 2009.

Served as COO and CEO of UserLand Software. We open sourced the RSS standard. Built/launched the first fully functional social networking system in 2001. Our tech was used to create Facebook in 2004 and Twitter in 2006.

Cofounded Hubcast a global online printing company. Designed, hired team, and built a global on-demand printing solution (34 cities on six continents) for customers like Cisco & Microsoft.

Wrote a book called Brave New War, April 2007 by Wiley. It’s about the future of warfare. You can purchase it here. Named a “Best and Brightest” by Esquire Magazine. Ideas from the book turned up in Nature magazine. Was a consultant to the DoD, JCS, CIA, NSA, NIC, ODNI, Highlands Forum, Center for Biosecurity, and many more. Got fan-mail from guerrillas around the world. Gave Testimony to the House Armed Services Committee. Articles related to the book: “Open-Source Warfare” (2005) New York Times & “Power to the People” (2006) Fast Company Magazine (this article became very popular).