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Fred Leland

Thanks for keeping John Boyd's info accessable to all of us Boyd fans and students of his theories. I am a cop and have been teaching Boyd's work to cops for 8 years...they save lives.

I will be linking this site to mine as well.

Again thank you



Fantastic. Sorry to see DNI go away, but thank you so much for setting up a new home for Boyd's work and related subjects. He is such an inspiration, and I find most of my work revolves around his theories and concepts.
I have a category on my blog called Building Snowmobiles in honor of Boyd, so fee free to grab any of that stuff for this site if you want. Cheers. -Matt

Ed @ Project White Horse 084640

John, Great job. Once the webmistress-daughter- gets back from Thanksgiving with husband Frenchy's (the former F-14 dude) family will create links on Project White Horse page. Will also provide input to my FB "Da Vinci's Horse" crowd. Let me know if I can be of assistance.

(Intersting side note, I still have Navy Advanced Training Command Air Combat Maneuvering handout- vintage 1969 - which used Boyd's Aerial attack diagrams, etc.Also, Energy maneuverability notes from Aero curriculum at Naval Postgraduate School. Was in DC several years later when the Col was briefing in and around DC, that a Washington Post article gave me clues to research and put it all together.)


Do you have a link to the audio file of Conceptual Spiral? One can listen to the brief while following along in the pdf handout. They match up perfectly.

Chris Cox

Jason, is this what you mean:

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