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July 14, 2005



I just looked at the numbers and the good news on electricity is that the coalition claims 5 megawatts of productive capacity as opposed to 4.4 before the occupation.

The bad news is that typically 2 megawatts is down. To give an idea of need production was 9 megawatts before 1991.

French and German parts are needed to repair existing ffacilities. The occupation has been reluctant to use Iraqi funds to buy these or let Iraqi firms make the repairs. Instead they have preferred to use Iraqi money to pay American corporations to build from scratch facilities the Iraqis may not be able to mantain.

This is good news?

I suppose it is if you look foreward to the coming corruption claims involving the occupation and American corporations. For those of us who want this thing to succeed it is more propaganda designed to mask the problems and avoid diagnosis and treatment until it's too late.

Exactly why alleged war supporters consistently engage in this and decry any reports of problems is a mystery. Perhaps they hate America and secretly want us to fail?

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