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July 23, 2005



@Disclosure - We have all sinned in our youth, you are forgiven.


It's that Macintosh you just bought -- it is making you "think different"! ;-)


This could be part - amongst other things - of your "controlled chaos" exit strategy. After all, it's politically necessary to decalre victory before leaving and so in current circumstances it's necessary to try and discredit those media which arent with that programme. Control the perceptions first and the reality doesn't matter.


I find claims of media bias pretty funny because everyone claims it's biased against them. That being said, "If it bleads, it leads" doesn't seem like a very representative way to report the news. I think at least part of the problem here is that we all know people serving in Iraq, and the story they tell is wildly divergent from what we see on the news. They don't downplay the dangers or the bad things, but they seem to have lots of stories of progress. And not just "building schools." I guess you could say that these are anecdotal and not representative of the trends, but how is the media being more representative by reporting their anecdotes?

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