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August 15, 2005



Well, the Zarqawi story was getting a bit old. A new Emmanuel Goldstein is needed. Here comes al-Sheibani.


The salvador option is bread on the water.

You probably already know about Los Zetas
but if not, it's pretty interesting. They're yet another US-trained commando unit (School of Americas) that went rogue and went to work for the Gulf cartel.

Makes me wonder if they went rogue at all, if you catch my drift.

mark safranski

"Makes me wonder if they went rogue at all, if you catch my drift."

Let's not go all Chomskyian here, foreigners actually do have internal/intrinsic motivations for their actions that have nothing to do with (or are in addition to) U.S. policy or reacting against it. Greed, for example, is marvellously universal as a human quality. So are small group loyalties prevailing over abstract and generalized ones.

In the case of Iran, the government is hardly a well-disciplined totalitarian state. It's faction-ridden to the point of having factions within factions. Moreover the borders with Iraq are rather permeable - people have been moving back and forth with minimal constraints for - oh - 3000 years. It would be unsurprising if Iran did not try to influence events in Iraq in its favor.


Oh, I agree with you. I think greed is a very powerful motivator indeed, on both sides of the border.


I predict UN sanctions that block the flow of oil from Iran to China or...... armed confrontation ;)

John Robb

China has already promised a veto in the security council. No sanctions on Iran are likely.


Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strikes Against Iran?



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