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September 26, 2005


Prasenjeet Dutta

I'm not sure about Mass. but overall the UK is definitely worse off than the US bandwidth-wise. This service is currently offered to a few London exchanges (with more providers and exchanges coming soon as the local loop is unbundled), however we still see nothing like this in this country: http://photomatt.net/2005/06/07/this-is-real-broadband/

And the fact that BT is the only last-mile provider for practically all of the country does not help at all.


Just for comparison:

Germany 6kbit ADSL is technically available for about 60% of population, 2 kbit ADSL available for about 90%.

6k flat rate is €50, with my local provider I added a €10 national phone flat rate (flat phone for all Europe would have been another €10). (Flat phone rates do not include calls to mobile phones - €0.2o/min for caller, no charge for being called mobile.)


Is deregulation really the problem for broadband? Or is it that current law requires anyone who builds infrastructure to share it with competitors?

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