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September 29, 2005


Don McArthur

"...The real question is: what does the Pentagon not want to do?.."

Locate and destroy Osama Bin Laden?

George Orwell guessed in his novel "1984" he'd be named "Emmanuel Goldstein," and that the pursuit of this 'Enemy of the People' would require the surrender of all civil rights, the use of most of the country's GDP, and unbridled surveillance of the populace...

John Robb

No, its worse. The trend is to turn the military into a "state in a box."

Don McArthur

Our military options went to hell with the advent of the All-Volunteer Army, a concept more appropriate for a European Empire with expansion in mind.

Without a draft, the upper classes are relieved from paying the cost of blood. Eliminate (or reduce) the tax on capital gains and unearned estate bequeaths, and they escape the cost of treasure.

When others are paying the blood and treasure, military adventurism seems like a jolly good idea. Stay the course, mate.

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