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September 04, 2005



Scary Shit...


John Robb

This is a problem. If an increasing number of Americans think we are being played like the Germans during the Reichstag fire, things could get out of hand.

Kayne West

"George Bush doesn't care about black people", says Kayne West.



"If an increasing number of Americans think we are being played like the Germans during the Reichstag fire, things could get out of hand."

The Germans didn´t find out (or didn´t WANT to find out) until after 1945.

Long way to go...

Steve Kimbrough

This is homicide by neglect of duty, by the federal government, on the scale of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of preventable deaths. Negligent homicide. Like when someone gets drunk, drives a car, and runs over a pedestrian. Worse: the neglect and its general consequences was intended. The drunk intended to drink and then drive home.

Why? (a) Ideology of hyper-individualism. "It's tough love, but people have to learn to take care of themselves. This is good for them. Teach the unsuccessful a lesson." (b) Pork. There's nothing wrong with New Orleans that Bechtel and Halliburton can't fix. (c) Texas. Texas should have the business and the growth.

Take your pick. And there's lots more.

Hurricane Pam

Hurricane Pam Exercise Concludes
--Release Date: July 23, 2004

"Hurricane Pam brought sustained winds of 120 mph, up to 20 inches of rain in parts of southeast Louisiana and storm surge that topped levees in the New Orleans area. More than one million residents evacuated and Hurricane Pam destroyed 500,000-600,000 buildings."


Robert Cassidy

Kayne has it wrong, and it's really much simpler: Bush doesn't care about anyone that can't deliver power to him.

He immediately flew back to the White House from Crawford when Terri Shiavo could deliver some political points, but neither he nor most of the senior administration could manage to get to the office for this. Cheney didn't end his vacation until Thursday.


The people in NOLA are giving him huge amounts of power. Also, what does being at the White House have to do with anything?


It's astonishing to me how the right are reacting to this. They're bringing out the real nastiness, threats, whatever else.

I say let them. They'll only make themselves look worse.

It's also amazing how little there is about this whole thing in mainstream media. Pick up a copy of your local newspaper and contrast reports from there with what you're reading on the net. Unbelievable.


Jeremiah, thanks for posting "Urban Takedown" - why are comments on your blog for a TEAM MEMBERS now?


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