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September 04, 2005



This is neither a righ wing/left wing issue nor a Republican/Democrat issue. This is an issue of indifference of those in power. Too much power has been centralized and this creates a situation in which the normal elements of private and local governments are sidelined as a foreign power attempts to understand how to react. As far as the right reacting nastily, I disagree. Several dozen sycophantic mouthpieces do not represent the right, they are not the voice of millions. As far as this being a conspiracy, it may add some meaning to this abysmal failure, but it is unlikely. Centralized bureacracy run by the power hungry will always act in this manner, regardless of the party in charge. FEMA is a dismal failure, the Army Corps of Engineers failed as well (they knew there was a potential for failure, but Army culture prevented the appropriate amount criticsm and re-evaluation necessary to fix the problem.) These types of issues have to be left to private and local politcal interests, the Federal Government should only have an ancillary role, not a lead role.


Robert Cassidy

Two reasons why being at the WH is important:

1) Washington Post yesterday quoted a Republican source that much of the problem with the slow response was that most of the leadership was on vacation - Bush, Cheney, Rice, Sr. Communications, and others.

Yes, Bush is effectively always on the job, but the gears that make the govt. work are all in DC. There's only so much that you can do by proxy.

2) Bush rushed back to the office from Crawford for Terri Schiavo. It was part of the 'every life is sacred' message coming out of the party at that time. But it took several days for him to stop jetting around the country to deal with NOLA. It suggests that his priorities lean toward a single middle-class white woman in a electoral battleground rather than tens of thousands of poor black people in a democratic stronghold. I'm not saying it's true, but it sure does appear that way.

Plus, those speeches in AZ and CA take his and his staffs attention from clearly more pressing things. Leadership is knowing what's important and responding to it. I'm getting a little annoyed with the attention going to the supreme court right now. It wouldn't do the nation any harm to wait one week to sort this stuff out.


Takedown-- One word: Idiots. I don't have time to sit and argue with people.

One thing interesting about Katrina is the fact that a terrorist group or sleeper cell could lie in wait for a natural disaster, with preparations and mobility arrangements that would allow them to function freely in an environment that would hamper emergency personnel.


"Idiots. I don't have time to sit and argue with people."


RE: haha

"haha" - Why don't you make a really statement?

What do you think of this:



Somebody been smokin something organic over there...

Dave Mancuso

I think that a key problem is that competent people in the Bush administration have been forced out as they voiced concern or objections over administration strategy and practices.

Then they were replaced by people whose primary job qualification was loyalty to the Bush administration.

This wouldn't have been a problem if more of them were competent at their jobs--that's where things fell apart.

I mean, seriously--the Arabian Horse Association?


haha - I am not impressed with your "insights."

So... Since you appear to lack a framework for analysis - why don't you use cover the strengths, weakness, threats, and opportunities that AQ would face in executing this concept OR present a more effective concept of operations.

Otherwise all you have done is prove Jeremiah right. Here is the link to his ConOp:


GOOD LUCK and thanks for your time.


My observations:

Bush Admin. issued declaration of disaster, long before Katrina hit.

Local officials, instead of doing everything possible to evacuate, told those without cars to go to the Superdome.

If Katrina had stayed Level 5 and had not veered East, these issues would be mute, since there would be no remains.

If you live below sea level, that close to a river, lake, ocean......you better have gills.

If you are an elected official in a sub sea level invironment as described above, a Cat 3, 4, or 5 hurricane coming your way, should activate your common sense and you should consider doing something that constituents have elected you to do.

Quiz: If someone told you they'd move you for free and give you a house, but were required to inform you of the following:

You will live by the ocean, butted up against a main artery river on one side and a huge lake on the other. Your home will be located below sea level. There are hurricans that come through from time to time. It takes big pumps to keep your home from becoming submerged even in good weather. These pumps will pump water into the lake that is on one side of you. If that lake fills up....

Would you move there?

RE: observer

THINKING... There were around 100,000 people still in the city, if not more.

Where would you get 2000 buses to get the people out of NOLA?

Secondly, after Monday even though buses likely could have gotten into the city, how would you let people know that they still needed to leave, since most people thought they were safe by then?

Third, going forward how can we learn from this?

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