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September 24, 2005


Fred Grott

It could do something that has not happen in US politics for alomst 150 years?

Bring about a Third Political party both in Congrees and the Whithouse..

THe last election saw the biggest amount of states with Thirdy parties registered to urn in elections..

And one Thirdy party had almost the full electorial college number to make a presiedncy cnadiate run actually valdi in the voting booth..

From the right look for the message to chang eto we lost the battle in Iraq but are gettig close ot the vistory in the war..

phil  jones

I wonder why the Democrats were so "cowardly".

Is it Democrat "nature"? Or is it due to a viciously right-wing media who would use any opposition as yet another stick to beat the left but who actually give people like Lind, anti-war but reliably conservative in other ways, a relatively free pass?


Here is another loss on the moral front...


Wait till the Middle East media get a hold of this one.


jameswolcott.com is also running this.

We're seeing an accelerating fracture. It's kind of hard to tell because each day it's just a little bit more, but things are breaking down on the frontless front, the home front and the administration's shirtfront.

It also sounds like the Bush boy is cracking under pressure. A president who's reportedly drinking and on antidepressants-- and who knows what other prescription or nonprescription drugs-- a president who takes five-week vacations and can find time to play guitar while cat5 hurricanes are hitting-- this is not a man who is capable of pulling the United States out of its nosedive.

Recently, my aging mother asked me what kind of AK she should buy. What river did we pass a while back, was that the Rubicon?

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