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October 02, 2005



A market state (max. opportunity) does require a welfare state (min. benefit) as this is the only way to get to a level playing field.

To set one against the other is just the wrong start.

John Robb

I probably got this all wrong, but it was fun writing it anyway. Hopefully, it will serve as a means to get people thinking about it.

Steve Kimbrough

In fact, one of the strongest arguments for the welfare state is that (properly managed) it is necessary for the market state. Somehow the link in the popular mind/press between well functioning markets and laissez faire has to be broken. To the contrary, promoting an unlevel playing field is detrimental to well-functioning markets. Perhaps "market state" is a concept that will help overcome a myth.

John Robb

One thing I forgot to add as a indication of the market-state: extreme transparancy.

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