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October 21, 2005


Chet Richards

or that you're the chi'i to his cheng?

DNI will be doing a review. Here's a teaser: As far as I can tell, Boyd didn't believe and certainly never wrote that "operating inside an opponent's OODA loop" means "we make two or more decisions for every one our opponent can manage." In fact, under Boyd's scheme, you'd love to put the opponent into a situation where he has to make more decisions than you.

John Robb

Chet, that makes sense. We are changing our counter-insurgency strategy quarterly in Iraq (lots of decisions). The most recent one is a half-hearted attempt at oil spots announced by Rice.

In that sense, our loop is akin to a Hampster on a rotating wheel. Lots of decision making but zero progress.

Critt Jarvis

Tom's armed with a Treo and a camera phone... it's been--continues to be--an interesting day :-)

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