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October 17, 2005




1) been too busy to catch up on your blog for a few weeks... finaly getting around to it
2) 4:30 ... welcome to the club
Been doing it for several years (note: in my "later 50's" and this seems common amongst my peers) simply get up, take notes for an hour or so (aka "brain dump") then back to bed and nap till wife wakes up.
3) caught your piece in NYTimes
Good timing.
Had been at a conference in NYC where Tom Friedman's "Flat World" was a topic. I spoke to speaker later (we go back a ways) and mentioned Tom Barnett's "New Map"... as I got set to send link, spotted your piece, then the "dialog" on Tom's blog.
Sent that as well as links to your blog(s)

Whole topic of globalism.

4) related : chat with speaker from RAND on China / Oil / Iraq / Interest rates etc.
Parallel thinking. China wins on oil security (if we ever create it), we get cheap goods, low rates (China buys US Debt)

Also : agreement that China "hits the wall" in 2020 (demographics)

5) Mac's ... you are in good company
Sitting across from me on flight back, guy was typing away on his Powerbook
Elvis Costello...

6) Technorati - catch David Sifry in Economist

Ciao for Now

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