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November 23, 2005


phil jones

Whatever happened to "no use being pessimistic"?

I guess the US will survive, because it has a huge stability-creating, self-organizing market and third-sector. (Not to mention internet culture)

You guys really need to ditch Bush and get out of Iraq, (and ditch Murdoch, who's a big cause of all this) but manage that and you can enjoy Web 2.0, a new tech-bubble, plenty of research into alt.energy - which could defang big-oil and the poisonous relationship with the middle east.

If you could just drop the war-on-drugs and farm-subsidies too, there might be a great reciprocal economic boom with Mexico - with the side-benefit of reducing drug-smugglers as a route for terrorist weapons.

Hmm. Do any politicians campaign on a platform like this?

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