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November 13, 2005


Ben Hyde

My theory, so I love it. iBooks, the low end model, have the cable clutter on the right. Power books have the cable clutter on the left. If your even in a library observe how people layout their work; the tend to put their coffecup, books, notes, mouse, etc. on the side of their dominate hand; and so the designers pushed the cable clutter to the other side.

John Robb

Hmm. Good theory. Hey, the two PCs laptops that I have sitting idle because the powercord inlet is broken (off from the motherboard), were high end models. I guess designers don't use laptops in the PC space, probably desktops.

Phillip J. Birmingham

I've found that the location of the power outlet varies greatly. My Asus Z70V is not a low-end machine, but its power cord is at the right in back. However, even among Asus machines, the outlet moves around (although only on one model I've seen does the cord plug in on the left.)


Heh. First time I've ever seen a righty make an observation like this.

Multiply this one example of yours by a hundred (or a thousand, or ...) and you'll begin to approximate the blizzard of small inconveniences that lefties face wherever we go and whatever we do.

John Robb

LOL. True. You win this one.

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