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December 15, 2005



Interesting how China and Japan are the only countries listed from the region... Also, wonder if China's growth is due to IP or manpower; I'm guessing that it is IP...

Don McArthur

Good thing we're all going to become Oracle database admins and make the big bucks, as we turn away from actually making actual things.

What about this reminds me of Ross Perot?



China certainly looks to be on an exponential curve. But that is to be expected because of the massive investments into her economy and her own not inconsiderable internal investment for more than a decade. But the curve should plateau and become more like the "ragged top"
of the mature economies, punctuated by burts of new tech products and services. Do you think these curves might contain some other insights if they were NORMALIZED to population size. That might isolate "manpower" from "IP"?

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