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January 27, 2006



Tim Berners-Lee had an idea that changed the world...

mark safranski

" I am not arrogant enough to think that my ideas can change the world. The world is too complex and dynamically unstable for even big government fixes to work, let alone the ideas of any individual. Anybody that tells you otherwise is living within a reality distortion field."

Well...Einstein, Newton, Gutenberg.

Of course it isn't just the depth of the idea, it is the intersection with the moment

John Robb

The world is a lot bigger now.


What's the relevance of an op-ed columnist -- or a newspaper editorial page -- in a country whose rulers are devoted to the good of the Party, not to the good of the people?

But the New York Times is institutionally incapable of admitting that the situation has drastically changed, and that it is irrelevant. For whatever reason, they've decided that it's better to let Friedman wither behind a firewall than to fire him for irrelevance.


tommy never had good reality. never.
re the first 3 comments, wasn't the ideas that changed the world, was the applications of those ideas. so if john robb (or kim) can develop an idea and realize its application... but with all the resources and power positions held and controlled by small minded, narrow minded fools, john's point, on the grand scale, holds.

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