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February 01, 2006



Also partly evidenced with the TSA privatizing airport security - Schneier nails it here -

The Hook

The difference between the corporations calling the shots and the government calling the shots is that the individual will not be at the mercy of the total monopoly the governement has on the use of force.

No corporation can force an individual to use their products.

I'll take my chances with the free-market and corporations.

John Robb

Perhaps you haven't heard about government mandated corporate monopolies. This isn't really a free market situation.

a z

nor can your boycott change policy at a corporation. A vote could change the government, if only they were counted.

Why would a company ever consider the interest of citizens in their delivery of services? The whole idea of a corporation is to make money. It is an amoral institution. At least the government makes a pretense of upholding the national interest.

The Hook

That's exactly the point, John -- get government out of the business of propping up these corporate monopolies. Then the free choice of the individual would reign.

And a z, a corporation could institute a new policy of, say, all broadband customers must pay $400 per month for their service. The individual could say, "Up yours, no thanks!" and NOT get thrown in jail.

If a government says, "citizen you gotta pay 50% of your salary to me now" you're outta luck.

I'll take the corps, small business, local leadership anyday over the lumbering federals.



DHS is looking at outsourcing some border security work to corporations to some degree.

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