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February 08, 2006



Not only the $440B stated in the article, but add in the black budget at 30-40B, the supplementals for Iraq/Afghanistan at 100-120B, the Dept. of Energy slice of nuclear DOD at 10-15B and the costs of the VA (don't know off my head). Now you are talking about a $600B DOD budget.

John Robb

Right, its between 60-70% of all discretionary spending. The Federal system is in free-fall. The benefits of having it all are getting very thin on the ground.


Ignored the DoD? I recall looking out the window at the Pentagon burning. Hardly ignored. They targetted and hit the DoD HQ. People forget the Pentagon strike because it was not visually interesting for TV, was personally witnessed by less than 10% of those who personally witnessed the two towers strike, and because hitting a military target was more widely expected than hitting an economic infrastructure target.

John Robb

OK, what I was pointing out is how they ignored its defensive capabilities.


Don't forget about the portion of the national debt that was a result of military spending. We're still paying that off, plus interest.

John Robb

I should have called this post: DoDzilla, the monster that ate the Feds.

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