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March 24, 2006



John: be careful with cleaning these tanks, not to use anything too abrasive. Over time, the scratches build up and will cause it to lose the transparency.

Are you doing salt of fresh water?

Remember to cycle the tank - lots of good reading - just google fishtanks

Also, once you set it up, it is staying there - 8 lbs/gallon, a very heavy proposition to move

You can always buy exotic fish on line too, they'll fedex fish/anemones/etc. to you at pretty reasonable prices... if you don't mind your fish being slightly drugged...

Good luck, looking forward to the pictures.

John Robb

Thanks JBR. Cycling it right now with guppies (going fresh to start).



Takes me ... Waaaaay back

My father kept a tank for us as youngsters
Went through a bunch of species (freshwater)

That must have been early 60's
Even visited "fish farms" in Fla when on spring vacation(s).

Sometimes set up tanks for native fish/creatures (can we say pollywogs?)

Then in 80's, I set up tanks for my daughter's

Various tetras seemed to be robust, mollys, swordtails and guppies as well.

Various "catfish" (don't recall genius) were very long lived. Suckers grow too big/fast.

Grommies(sp?) aggressive, Angels too.


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