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March 01, 2006



This is just increasing the already fairly large swamp. Virtually all corporate traffic (email, remote service, etc.) is already encrypted. Much commercial web traffic is also encrypted. So it already took traffic analysis to flag suspects. This does bump the volume to be analyzed, but traffic analysis scales nicely.

There are many alternatives to encryption if your traffic volume is low. For example, once you have distributed a reasonably well designed code book of phrases, it is fairly easy to hide a low volume covert traffic in among the commonplace flame wars in web comments or wiki's.

In the longer term this is probably valuable. The blind fishing expeditions that use bulk data screening fail in the presence of widespread encryption. The security analysts get to actually think and analyze instead of being swamped with useless hits from the fishing expeditions.


This is similar to the major advances in ID forgeries sparked by the 21 drinking age.

Ultimately, America has decided that the millions of illegal downloaders and underaged drinkers (not to mention drug users) are more of a threat than the thousands of jihadists.

Had Bush pulled back from the various wars on patriotic Americans, we could be fighting a serious war against enemy foreigners.

But Bush understands that the probable victims of any major Jihadi attack would be Democrats (how many Bush voters are there within 5 miles of the ports?), while the victims of ending the wars on Americans are rich coporate executives and the prison and police industries.

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