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March 24, 2006



Bollocks. In France, they have riots every so often. So do a lot of places, including the United States. The French economy created more jobs than the UK over the last 10 years; unemployment is falling, not rising, in France.

And they just, ahem, globalised Lucent..

John Robb

Alex, so true. We all have BIG riots. They also typically demonstrate that something is wrong.

John Robb

Also, employment and job creation numbers are misleading in this economy. It is very easy to hold multiple jobs, in aggregate producing much less income and benefits than a single good one did before. Some people are able to make this work and earn more (I did). Most aren't.

mark safranski

"Alex, so true. We all have BIG riots. They also typically demonstrate that something is wrong."

LOL ! True, true - except given the wildly unrealistic status quo in terms of political economy in France ( lionizing 50's dinosaur welfare statism as an ideal)these riots are a sign the government is on the right track.


I recall the 60's "end of the world" in France and have read about the rise and fall of the various Republics. (I'm too young to recall them from personal experience.) It is very hard to generalize from the French experiences to the entire world. The riots in the 60's had much the same feel. It seems that whenever the French face substantial revisions to the social structure that riots like this are part of the process.

The extent to which the social change is a local French adaptation to a changing world versus a reflection of comparable world wide social change is hard to assess. The intensity of the riots is driven primarily by local factors.


I agree that much of what we are seeing in France has a local flavor. However, I agree with John's assertion that the solution is not at the national level, either in the political or the economic arenas, but will come from the grass roots. This,however, is not part of the French culture and will be quite difficult to nurture. Maybe there are some clues in "How to Starting and Open Source War."

In this context, please elaborate on the meaning of an "economic interop."

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