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April 12, 2006


Eric Anderson

"so much great software to borrow/employ"

Why not just sign these guys up for blogspot or wordpress accounts? Swift blocking from superiors? Legitimate classification concerns? How open is optimal?


Eric - good point. Forgot that there are OPSEC and old school concerns. By old school I mean "leaders" who frown on telling tales out of school, regardless whether talking might save lives, improve ops, etc.

Have to have some organization. Just telling everyone to start blogging is invitation to chaos. How do you know everyone will find everyone else? How do you vet qualifications? A light dusting of management is important, as is the infrastructure John mentions (as recent victims of Blogger will attest).

John Robb

Michael, you are right on the money.

Eric Anderson

If the infrastructure choice is between dysfunctional and non-existent, the former please. (Though I reserve the right to retract.)

I easily concede the OPSEC point.

>>How do you know everyone will find everyone else?

My Achilles heel!: witness Malkin driving more traffic than Robb. Self-organization found wanting.

John Robb

LOL. Eric, it isn't the quantity, it's the quality. I would put my thousands of readers against hers (even if hers were an order of magnitude more) any day of the week. The people that spend time here are amazing minds.

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