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April 09, 2006



How is that path different from a non-primitive life?


Saw same a few months ago
Did not get to the Film Fest (we tend to "hunker down" during tourist season)

Interview with Herzog, who put it together


Tim was a bit of a "piece of work"
Too bad about the girlfriend


john atkinson

such a rad movie on so many levels!

also, just in case you haven't been keeping up on your random celebrity news, note that herzog was recently shot by a sniper with a BB gun, bizarrely and pricelessly - gotta love the guy's brutally realistic/teutonic sense of perspective:

"It was not a significant bullet. I am not afraid."



Probably the best movie I saw in 2005. I loved the passage about John Muir and others having a Tridwell-like desire to be wild.

Worth the read is Roger Ebert's review of the film (and indirectly, of Herzog,) will make you laugh. http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050811/REVIEWS/50726001/1023

Hadn't heard about the sniper, thanks for the link j. atckinson.

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