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April 08, 2006



Its amazing how the Democrats are too cowardly to oppose even the obvious fiasco an Iran attack would create. The only sane voices left in government are the uniformed military!


With any Sy Hersh piece, you need to realize that there is a 50% bullshit factor at play. He knocks them out of the park sometimes, other times he's out of this galaxy.

That being said, if true, this is another terrible decision...UNLESS...the goal is to get the Middle East fighting amongst themselves while we withdrawal...immoral, cold hearted and something I would not rule out from this bunch.

As for the uniformed military, unless we see senior officers resigning in droves, I would not give them any accolades what so ever. There's a time to fall on the sword, and it just hasn't happened with any general officer while they have been on active duty. The only people who have spoken out have been retired. The Shinseki maneuver made it crystal clear that if you don't play ball with Rummy, you get the bat shoved up your ass.

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