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May 24, 2006




Good points
(been away for a while ...health and just too da*m busy)

To topic: "alternative" sources
To some extent, been there, done that.
Couple of years ago I had my "Jimmy Carter" solar collectors refurbished.

Many of these ideas are not all that new.
Many today just forget that we have been here before, and often the long term economics don't pan out as advertised.

And, if Simmons is wrong, the Saudi's will drop the price, break the economics of alternatives.

Now on to electricity.
1) check out Peter Huber (I know, right wing, Manhattan Inst ect.) "Bottomless Well"

Peter and Mark (Mills) get a few things not quite right (gasoline does not "explode" in an IC engine, it burns, and IC engines are pretty damn efficent after all)
But that is for another and longer conversation.

Peter has written a lot on Electricity, generation, conditioning and distribution.
21st century is the electric century.

Seemingly crazy idea that waste is good.
But with thermodynamics, it is.
Higher delta (hotter) generates better power, then you throw away heat to get higher ordered power (digital)

Agree on distractions like biofuels (esp. Ethanol), hybrids ect.

Of note, looking into a private investment fund : Green stuff, with hundreds of companys (I know of most and have invested in some, sold a good number (losses)) and suprise, suprise, the largest holding is ... GE.

Transit/Rail (locomotives)
Generation (from gas turbines to nukes on the shelf)
Now going into Wind ect.

Keep up the good work(s)

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