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June 24, 2006


Tom Griffin

There's an interesting little site in Britain called Scoopt that started out last year as a photo agency to enable the public to sell their pictures to the media.
It has just branched out into licensing blog posts to editors. Could be worth keeping an eye on if the model takes off.
They're advising bloggers to post to an 'open source newspaper' called Nightcap Syndication so I suppose there's a Web 2.0 aspect to it.


It's like reading a Friedman column without the "fascinating" insights.

John Robb

Not sure what you mean jon.

Josh Koenig

Oh snap.

FWIW I agree completely, have been obsessing about how to create self-financed onlince social ventures for the past couple years. Getting close to a fundraising drive.


In a lot of his editorials, he seems to be engaged in one long product placement campaign likethtey do on TV of casually dropping a name brand product into the middle of a program no for no artistic reason at all. They do it with Law and Order reruns on TNT. Randomly on an officers desk you will see a can of Coke, that has been digitally added, since the original network airing, to the shot. Most of the TV specials and many of his editorials seem to be the same sort of thing. He'll introduce the company that he is talking about at the beginning of the bit, and procede to use that name ten more times in the segment, when there is no need for anything other than a pronoun. Like the person who says, "I was talking to John Robb the other day and then John Robb said this, and the Robb said that. And then on my way back to my Days Inn hotel, in my Toyota Hybrid Vehicle, I realized what John Robb was saying." It almost seems like he gets paid for every name he mentions.

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