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July 27, 2006



"...look to Israel. They've been adapting to them for the last 50 years."

Israel may not provide the best example of a state in the Global Guerillas world. The homogenaity and strong national identity of the Israeli population could mask the effect state disintegration would have on many other western, first-world societies.

mark safranski

Or, if the centrifugal-disintegrative forces run unopposed ( they don't, there are countervailing, integrative forces in play as well but for sake of argument...)perhaps many western states would devolve down to hard, ethnocentric, cores resembling Israel, as minority ethnic groups hive off.

Depends on the primary loyalties. Some states are pretty solid in terms of identity, others like Georgia have host of competing identities underneath the rubric of "Georgian" ( Abkhazian, Mingrelian, Adhzarian....). I have trouble seeing Germany, for instance, having a revival of Bavarian separatism but Spain is ripe for regional devolution.


"This is the world being created by the radicals and ideologues who have degraded the role of states in human society by attempting to reduce the role of states and treating non-states as though they were states."

This sentence was meant to describe the Bush administration...right?

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