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July 31, 2006



Volunteers of America


There is zero chance of US forces being deployed in Lebanon with the consent of the Siniora government ( I think they've pretty conclusively and publicly repudiated this already ); and if the Siniora government falls, it's replacement is going to be even less likely to sign up to this idea.

The extract is hilarious - the Lebanese army is going to be trained to prevent attacks on Israel; I suspect that a plurality of Lebanese would actually prefer a Lebanese military that could prevent future attacks FROM Israel.

John Robb

Dan, as before, I hope you are right.



"The UN today said it had 'indefinitely postponed' moves to send an international stabilisation force to enforce a peace between Israel and Hizbullah guerillas in south Lebanon. A UN official said a meeting scheduled for this afternoon to discuss the issue had been delayed 'until there is more political clarity' on the path ahead."


Who will go there without a UN mandate?

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