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August 16, 2006


Dan tdaxp

"The essence of every profession is expressed in the writings of its unifying theorists: Freud for psychology, Adam Smith on economics, Justice Marshall on law, and — depending on one's preferences — Marx or Jefferson on governance. War is no exception."

Freud??? So the psychological understanding of a major general is stuck in the 19th century. At least he's retired...

John Robb

I was laughing at that too.



Scales has always been a good, not great intellectual in the Army. Now he's fallen off the good pedestal and into the morass of out of touch oldheads.

Time to give up the ghost General. Thanks for your service and stop writing columns.

Jesus Reyes

I suppose in past ages war was about the aquisition of economic assets. War in this age is as much or more about the Military/Industrial complex or the production and consumption of military hardware. Huge money has been made in Iraq that has nothing to do with the economic assets of the country.

The vested interest insures against a paradigm shift.

Daniel O'Donnell

ISTM that to a large degree Smith and von Clausewitz (and Marx and many others) are describers of human behavior in a given or specific arena. Their foundational concepts are not theories or rules of physics (Newton, Clerk Maxwell, Einstein) and thus fundamental truths; though many in the world seem to believe that they are.

And I do not mean to assert this as a proof, but it seems reasonably accurate to a first approximation.

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