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October 30, 2006



Great link - but the info is largely incorrect; they've already had to post one correction to the article and another one is due. The US has two carrier groups - Enterprise and Eisenhower - in the Red Sea at present, one is heading back to Norfolk, and the other will be on station in the Persian Gulf in about 5-7 days time. I can't recall the last time the US rotated its carrier groups in the Persian gulf this far away - it's almost as if they're sending a de-escalatory message to the Iranians.

At the moment, the US naval deployment in the Gulf is the lowest it's been in donkey's years.

It's also probably more accurate to describe the ESG that's there for the naval exercise as being off the coast of Kuwait.


The Eisenhower's deployment was moved up one month to be able to have 3 US carrier groups in the gulf right before the US elections.

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