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October 16, 2006



Barnett has become merely a PowerPoint cowboy. Since he has gained some reputation with his first book and presentation, he has only gotten more sure of himself and less willing to question his own assumptions. Too bad. He's obviously a smart guy but there are plenty of smart guys. We need wise men and women instead.

I posted a comment on Barnett's site remarking on how bloodless his willingness to "take a beating" in Afghanistan and Iraq reads. He writes as if nobody is actually bleeding over there and it would behoove him to remember that he considering matters of life and death, life and death for children too young to comprehend why they suffer.


You know, I read Barnett's stuff this afternoon, and I don't know if I am more angry at him or confused by what he wrote.

I'm angry because I'm one of the guys who'll be integrating his gap and I've already done it once. It's not a good time, and quite frankly, I'm not a believer in globalization, and most of the folks I've served with aren't either. It's okay to take a beating in Iraq and Afghanistan? Are you shitting me? How many friends funerals has this dickhead been to? How many friends does he have who have one leg or are totally blind? What a callous fuck.

And the 5GW stuff isn't happening. 4GW is confusing enough for most.

Sorry John, but Barnett has fallen off Friedman's Flat Earth...


He reminds me more and more of the cliche CIA desk commander losing it when the scenario on the ground goes off wire.

Anton Vereshchagin

Disturbing post by Barnett (I use to like some of his stuff, engaging Iran and China). But this idea that the US will smash down the door (Leviathan) and the Chinese will come in and cleanup the mess (SysAdmin), is quixotic.

What angers me is his obtuse attitude towards those in uniform, that "beating" he talks of in Iraq and Afghanistan is someone's son, daughter, father or mother. Go tell those dismembered boys and girls at Walter Reed that the beating they took was for "shrinking the gap".

John Robb

The only way I can explain it is that he is coming up with anything that can resurrect his ideas (regardless of the fact that they don't work in reality). The result is something crazy.


It is a tragedy when someone refuses to acknowledge that their baby is dead.

John Robb

Or stillborn like Tdaxp's "secret war."


Actually tragedy means something else. As does the word hero. Ah well the US goes it's own way even in the meanings of the English languauge. Fox et al are creating a new form of Orwell's newspeak.

Barrnett goes his own way and althougth I seldom agree with him he does try to keep it somewhat real. Very different from most right of center sites.



Hmmm. Sorry, I'm not buying that Tom is trying to misappropriate GG. Disagree with parts, yes. Agree with others, yes.

Still less do I buy that Tom is some kind of ghoul. That criticism from gmoke isn't so much unfair as it is simply stupid.

It was a blog post guys - a blog post - not a journal article or a book or manifesto for the ages. He ruminated at times. I'd also say that at times some of you leapt to conclusions. Comes with the territory of exchanging ideas in this kind of format.

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