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October 29, 2006



Much thanks for the link !

The systemic resilience is difficult to build because there is no natural " hook" for politicians, unlike, say, engineers. Even CEO types will see the bottom line expenditure rather than the larger costs saved by having redundancies to weather an attack.

TM Lutas

The systemic resilience is in empowering counter-factions of global guerrillas and super-empowered individuals to interfere with and essentially negate the bad actors. You see this battling networks of computer hackers and the 1990s Open Society Institute activity in E. Europe countering the neo-communist networks to cite two examples.

It's Federalist #10's faction logic on steroids because it extends the factional battlefield beyond the lines of any single polity.

Account Deleted

TM Lutas: Now you're sounding like a 5GWarrior!

TM Lutas

Curtis Gale Weeks - If I am, I was one for years before I ever heard of 5GW. For me, the insight is obvious. It is an update of Letters of Marque and Reprisal, outsourcing the monopoly of violence of the state to where and when the state cannot reach in the case of my first example. In the 2nd case, it is mere extrapolation from previous trends, an uncomfortable extrapolation for the NGOs to which it applies.

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