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November 16, 2006


TM Lutas

There's nothing "now" about this article. Barnett's been talking about this for years.

Perhaps he should have used a smiley so you would get it.


The baseline of his vision is so broad he'll eventually be claiming organic globalization it's next big thing as the others collapse. This is just one step along that pathway.

John Robb

TM, there are two models. You can't claim both. Shloky nails it.

dan tdaxp


How is what Tom is saying above different from what he said before?


I realize it's important for you to try to gin up interest in your book by hooking onto something else, but couldn't you do a better job of it?

TM Lutas

John - The only difference between me and dan on this one is that he bothered to go and include a link to one of the many, many different articles that would have proven the point. This is nothing new for TPMB and certainly not a now reaction to current events.

John Robb

TM, the difference between you and Dan isn't the link, but the ad hominem.

dan tdaxp

No substantive response, John?

John Robb

Dan, you crack me up.

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