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November 09, 2006



So you're thinking of something like the rent-a-machine-shop model? Where people can go and pay for time on the machines? I think there is a guy in Santa Clara who was running something like that , but for woodworking stuff.

I have heard this model has been used in Japan for car guys , since they have space issues.

James Bowery

Since the 70s the semiconductor fabrication facility trend is toward ever larger wafers for the economies of scale that provides. This is starting to produce some really horrendous startup costs for semiconductor fabrication facilities that have to create clean room environments for millions of square feet.

It makes me wonder why there hasn't been more emphasis placed on mass production of fabrication equipment for smaller wafer diameters. It seems there is a great potential for mass production of semiconductor fabrication equipment for small diameter wafers that could give rise to largely self-replicating semiconductor fabrication facilities.

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