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January 22, 2007


Jose Angel

I doubt the industry's scattered groups will opt for launching a war against the central government.
For starters, President Felipe Calderon has demonstrated he is politician to reckon with. He didn’t back off an inch during the days when the then President Fox and his Interior Ministry Creel and the PAN’s highest authority Espino told him to forget about his bid for the PAN Presidential nomination. When AMLO launched his relentless attack on the IFE and Felipe Calderon to force him to agree to a full recount, Calderon never gave in but remain calm and firm in his position and only demanded the TRIFE to stick to the Electoral Laws and act accordingly.

When Calderon finally took office, nobody imagined he will launch such an attack on the narco structure in the impoverished state of Michoacan, yet he didn’t just send the Federal Police, he sent all the forces including the Army and Navy.

The narcos do not have the same leverage they have in Colombia, ours is a larger nation by all accounts, and even though we do have some guerrilla spread in several states, they will never be what the Colombian guerrilla is. For most of our guerrilla is, like the EZLN, more idealists and window dressing than real freedom fighters. Their power lies in the beligerance of radical groups and organizations in UNAM and other universities and their political associates the PRD, PT and Convergencia amonst others, and lastly, the socialist intellectuals, painters, writers, singers and else, who will be ready to launch a media attack on anyone who dares touch these “Poetical freedom fighters”, but if the guerrillas dare join or associate with the narcos in anyway they will lose that support and they will be easy prey for the Mexican government and they know this very well so they don’t mess with it.

If only we take in consideration the message Calderon is sending to the narcos, it is a kind of “shut up or you will hear from me!” and they are taking it seriously because the moment the Federal forces entered into Michoacan, the decapitations and public exhibitions of narco terror began to stop. Now they are being quiet. They will continue killing no doubt, but I don’t foresee them throwing decapitated heads into night clubs anymore.

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