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January 26, 2007



"I'm very flattered to see that so many decision makers/thinkers in the DoD are reading my work and think it is of considerable value."

And they should.

Systemic thinkers like yourself, Tom Barnett, Alvin Toffler etc. are few in every field because both formal education and professional practice inculcate extreme specialization, something that mitigates against vision, seeking alternatives and noticing opportunities. This isn't a military problem but one of modernity

Unless time is set aside for smart ppl to " get their head above water" and look around, organizations tend to remain in comfortable mindsets ( and then need to turn to outsiders to offer radical changes of perspectives)


Glad to hear that private and public interfacing isn't left only to Mayfield and co. (Probably great guys, but not relevant.)

John Robb

Thanks Zen.

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