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January 17, 2007


Michael Tanji

To channel the Comic Book Guy: Best employment solicitation _ever_.

Let’s see; GWOT is going swimmingly, OIF is about to be solved, western states are throwing a wrench into that global warming thing . . . gee, what in the world is sufficiently challenging? I’ve got it: traffic jams! ;-)

On a more serious note, ever consider a GG-themed novel or two? Few things get people fired up about an idea/issue than a fictionalized treatment (Top Gun and Navy aviation, any Clancy treatment of the CIA and applications to intel agencies, The Da Vinci Code and the bible/Catholicism, to name a few). The hook would be that the bad guys almost always end up coming out on top. A great way to perpetuate a series as people will keep thinking that the protagonists will finally get their s*** together in this edition . . .

Charles Cameron (hipbone)

Mind itself is the great arena, John.

A search engine that mimics the human creative process, recognizing and rescuing deep analogies across media -- as well as across disciplinary boundaries -- is the great desideratum.

This would take us back to Arthur Koestler (preparation, letting go, aha! and implementation), Carl Jung (archetypes in the care and feeding of the unconscious, prior to the aha!), and George Spencer-Brown (or Bateson, Boole, Charles Peirce, someone, at any rate, concerned with one and two, how unity features in diversity). If interested, I'll write up and email you an expanded version of this notion.


From Leonardo's ornithopter to Sikorsky's first business proposal is quite a distance. But that distance is the reach of the truly great ideas.


Congratulations and good luck. How about shloky's idea of a V.C. network that would match Angel/Venture capital with start-ups outside of the current VC model? It seems with all the capital that VC guys have today they are moving further and further away from start-ups (aren't some of them even going into private equity?) With your command of web technology and experience in start-ups you might be the perfect guy. Enclosed is the relevant link:


P.S. I would be more the happy to offer my services if you go in this direction ;-)


While you're waiting, any chance of getting Scoble or someone to interview you about the whole process you went through? what a Chief Platform Officer does etc?


Can you summarize and present the thing in one hour as an academic/thinktank presentation? That is, rather than present the nuts and bolts, talk about the new concepts and/or theories that you discovered or tested and proved?

John Robb

Interstar and DanO, both of those are very interesting questions. I could probably do both. I probably need to start writing a blog about it or something, in order to focus my head on the presentation of the topic.


Congrats on HC taking off. Another blog would be great - maybe on the way to another book?

John Robb

Thanks. That's exactly the thought. A book about platforms -- the CPO and much more.

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