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January 22, 2007



Machu Picchu definitely worth a visit. I wimped out of the trek and just went by train, but a friend who did the short 2-day trek loved it. The Andes are beautiful.

If you're in Peru, try to get to the floating islands on Titicaca as well : http://www.getlostmagazine.com/features/2004/0412floating/floating.html

Also, go to La Paz in Bolivia. That's really interesting. You can visit Tihuanaco (http://www.vic.com/bolivia/images/lapaz/tihuanaco.html), which isn't as spectacular as Machu Picchu but much older; the witch's market is plain weird; and it could be interesting to talk to people about the political situation there as well.


Haha, you might meet some global guerrillas face to face, as my wife did last summer in Peru (luckily no real harm done).
She mentioned the Inca Trail is notorious for banditry, but on the other hand Machu Picchu is probably an unforgettably amazing experience.

Miguel Barrientos

I have some nice photos of Tiwanaku in my web site at http://www.boliviaweb.com/tours/TourDetails.aspx?TourId=47

The site is definitely worth visiting if you can make it to Bolivia.


Also climb Huaynu Picchu, the little peak behind Machu Picchu;
it's about a thousand feet up, and great views of both Machu Picchu and of the river on the other side, with a few small temples that are hard to see any other way.


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