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January 07, 2007


Fabius Maximus

Thank you for commenting on this similarity. I noticed that, also, with some confusion.

Also good to see discussion of Kilcullen's greater works. "28 articles" looks to be like a sketch (most of my works are also just sketches) of his other longer, subtle works.

John Robb

Fab, you did a great job kicking the crap out of the 28 articles. Bravo.

Fabius Maximus

A clarification of my above comment about the overlap of Kilcullen's and John's work.

This is a network effect which we will likely see more often: folks operating in the same "community", in the same news flow, developing the same insights. This happens in all communities, but more frequently in virtual ones. The web allows communities to grow both in size and rate of evolution, so that nobody can follow everything.

I've had this happen to me twice. Another author (a major expert) wrote an article "mirroring" something I had recently written, and later one similar to something I *was* writing. I don’t know which was more frustrating.

Histories of science and engineering have too many instances of parallel development to even bother listing, such as Newton & Leibniz.


Good arguements, but I wouldn't say he kicked the crap out of it.

I think Bill Nagle is an idiot though.

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