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March 09, 2007



Damnit! I HAVE to see that film and I am trapped with another commitment tonight. LOL!

The trailers were awesome - glad the movie lived up to that expectation.


My feelings exactly. Amazing.


Was on my "list" for when I get to town
NYTimes slammed it
"“300” is about as violent as “Apocalypto” and twice as stupid."

But consider the source ...

John Robb

LOL. A great way to test if you are a menace or a softie.


""“300” is about as violent as “Apocalypto” and twice as stupid."

But consider the source ..."

LOL! That is, I fear, exactly correct. It's not like Frank Miller had George W. Bush in mind when he did the comic book. There's a lot of frantic PC projection going on about 300 which will soon be mirrored by equally irrelevant defenses by the other side.

We should brace ourselves for an avalanche of cultural war analysis articles by highly pompous MSM types.


Here's a review from someone who didn't like it quite so much (note that I haven't seen the movie yet, I just thought this was funny):

"There are many reasons to see 300. Maybe you're a 14-year old with a love of violent entertainment. Or you're a classics professor who longs to get a splitting headache. Or possibly you're an experimental gay pornographer, and want to see the newest techniques in ab-oiling. Perhaps you're a special effects aficionado who's curious about the state-of-the-art in faux decapitations and digitized blood spray. Or you're a big fan of Frank Miller's work, and Sin City just didn't sate your appetite for writhing, speechless women, mutilated giants and two-dimensional tough guys.

Whatever your reason for going into 300, I can't imagine leaving it very excited by what you get. I can imagine being excited by the prospect of leaving -- for me, the end credits of 300 rolled up on the screen with the comforting shock of a parole notice delivered in the middle of a prison riot."


John Robb

Pretty funny.

It's certainly not fare palatable to the refined, urban 'intellectuals' who, by and large, make up the vast bulk of movie reviewers. It's very visceral and therefore totally opaque to those that either lack or have lost the requisite nature.


John, I recently saw another movie that you recommended a while ago, Wages of Fear – found it absolutely amazing, incredibly tense. Just wanted to say thanks for the recommendation. Also, I enjoyed 300 – top ten good is pushing it a bit, but visually it was incredible. Have you seen 9th company?

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