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April 24, 2007


Michael Tanji

I've got appearances on C-Span and a couple other places. I've watched/listened to about 10 seconds of each before cringing in horror and reaching for the eject handle. I'm sure once I got rolling it was OK, but I'll ever know. Family/friends all say it was fine, but they're family/friends. ;-)


Probably connected to the host more than the Tarpley bit in December right?

I think I may have the only archive of that sitting on my desktop.


The host came across choppy/awkward/cranky as a conversation moderator, you were fine.

John Robb

Thanks much.


John, you're being a little tough on yourself and are focusing only on your performance, not your content. Richard Clarke has probably done hundreds of these types of shows and anyone would suffer in comparison to his polished approach. However, you covered the themes of your work very well and, like your blogs, were consistently interesting, thought-provoking, and reasonable. I was fascinated by the dynamic between your answers and Clarke's answers, almost as a dialog between the perspectives of the brave old war and the brave new war - quite interesting where the points of view came together and quite telling where they diverged so dramatically. I thought the whole show really worked as one of the best discussions I've heard of the current state of affairs from three important perspectives, and as a conversation I'd like to hear more of. I'm a longtime reader of your work, so I don't need much convincing, but I was intrigued by how persuasive the host found your approach. His description of your book as a "citizen's manual" is high praise. Once you do a few more of these interviews, you'll be great. I can't wait for your book to be delivered to my house so I can read it. Keep on rocking - you're telling one of the most compelling stories out there these days.


Don't take it personally--doing an effective radio or TV gig is in a different league entirely from powerpoint presentations. Less audience interplay, much less control. Just watch it again (when you have some more distance from it), take some notes on what you could do better, and evolve.

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